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D.I.D Chain 420 NZ3 G&B X 134

D.I.D Chain 420 NZ3 G&B X 134

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D.I.D is the world's number one OE parts supplier for Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturers and offers supperior motorcycle chains and rims. D.I.D brand drive chains and aluminum rims are all manufactured in Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan and supplied through motorcycle dealers worldwide. These top quality products are meticulously made by skilled technicians in order to provide outstanding performance for all riders. World’s #1 Genuine Parts Manufacturer - UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY POWERED BY TECHNOLOGY - SINCE 1933 Performance - Pin flex robs your bike of its horsepower. Chain elongation is caused by pin wear. The high rigidity of D.I.D pins means a quicker response, resistance from chain elongation, and smoother handling. Rigidity is D.I.D’s original concept born from years of experience in MotoGP development. Rigidity in a chain means resistance to chain deformation and elongation. SDH pin treatment creates an extremely hard chromium carbide layer on the pin’s surface. The inner core remains soft to absorb shock loads. D.I.D’s patented X-Ring holds lubrication within the bushing increasing the pin and chain life by 1.5 - 2X. D.I.D’s patented X-Ring is superior to other O-Ring designs. The X-Ring construction reduces friction by twisting between the side plate instead of being squashed. MADE FOR FUTURE CHAMPIONS Made for future champions, the NZ series includes premium chains specifically for mini bike racing

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