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Rip n Roll

Rip n Roll Hybrid Fully Loaded Goggle, Blue / Orange

Rip n Roll Hybrid Fully Loaded Goggle, Blue / Orange

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RNR are the only specialist UK manufacturers of mx & extreme sports goggles, roll off specialists producing high quality components for a wide range of goggle brands. Fully Loaded Goggles combines Roll off / Tear off systems for maximum vision clearance Features: 3 layer comfort fit foam polycarbonate lens with anti fog inner, anti scratch outer and non stick coating (coating helps prevent clean roll film sticking to lens, replaces previously used raised strip lens),full UV protection fully adjustable 3 x silicone lined strap RNR patented combined tear off and roll off system - fully loaded 31 mm film Pack includes: Goggle with roll off system 2 x roll off films mud visor strip 10 x tear off sheets cloth storage / cleaning bag

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