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Gibson Tyres

Gibson Tyres Speedy Mousse (8) Race, 110 / 90 - 19 / 120 / 90 - 19 / 120 / 80 - 18

Gibson Tyres Speedy Mousse (8) Race, 110 / 90 - 19 / 120 / 90 - 19 / 120 / 80 - 18

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Gibson Tyres team has unconditional passion and enthusiasm for motocross and EnduroSport racing. They have a strong emotional connection to racing. Since their founding in 2014, their own employees have included internationally successful motocross and EnduroSport athletes. GIBSON� Mousse - "the hidden champion". The patented GIBSON�MOUSSE revolutionizes the complete, well-known mousse technology! Patented ring-shaped constrictions offer two significant improvements over conventional technology in hard racing use: The constrictions absorb additional volume of mousse gel during assembly, which leads to a more effective distribution of the gel and thus to a better dissipation of the heat generated. This increases the service life and thus also the operating times of the mousse. The patented constrictions increase the tire contact area. The result: improved adhesion, maximum grip and extreme steering precision significantly improve driving performance. Mousse - sponge rubber rings that are becoming more and more widespread in off-road sports. Mousse is used instead of a classic, air-filled tube in the tire to provide it with the necessary volume these sponge rubber rings are offered in different degrees of hardness in order to simulate the air pressure that is common in the classic inner tube this is achieved in the course of the production of such foam rubber rings, by making this foam, from which the foam rubber consists, differently dense or loose the use of mousse prevents the tire from flattening due to external impact, e.g. a nail, or hard, sharp edges that can cause a tube to burst this guarantees the rider in training use - and of course especially where it matters - in competition use, the finish without a flat tire! each GIBSON�Mousse is delivered in a carton, additionally shrink-wrapped in foil with negative pressure this ensures maximum protection against degassing, sunlight and dirt, which leads to an additional increase in life expectancy Mousse has a limited shelf life, as the sponge rubber is subject to a natural shrinking process - for this reason, GIBSON� Mousse is only ever produced in such quantities that the customer can be guaranteed maximum storage & service life worldwide patent protected for all applications especially developed for the extreme requirements of Enduro use specially developed grooves give the Gibson mousse a longer shelf life than that of the competition

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