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Rip n Roll

Rip n Roll Colossus WVS Roll Off Goggle, Orange

Rip n Roll Colossus WVS Roll Off Goggle, Orange

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RNR are the only specialist UK manufacturers of mx & extreme sports goggles, roll off specialists producing high quality components for a wide range of goggle brands. The Wide Vison System (WVS) combines Roll off / Tear off system for maximum vision clearance. This includes a quality Lexan impact resistant Lens, which has an anti-scratch outer coating and an anti-fog inner coating. The lens has raised strips to reduce film tension and 48mm roll off canisters with built in tear off fittings. The 48mm WVS is the largest roll of vision on the market and the longest, each film is a minimum of 8m long. Pack includes: 10Pack of Colossus Tear offs Cloth storage bag Lexan Anti Fog, Anti Scratch, Impact resistant Lens Adjustable non slip strap Mud Visor strip

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